Jazz Studies (Graduate)

Note: Applicants apply for the MM or DMA in Performance.

The following requirements are in addition to completing the University application and the School of Music application.

Graduate applicants must also complete:

  • An audition on his/her primary instrument and/or voice. For requirements specific to one's proposed major, see specialized areas: Bassoon, Clarinet, Cello, Double Bass, Euphonium, Flute, Harp, Harpsichord, Horn, Oboe, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Piano Pedagogy, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Viola, Violin, Voice
  • A jazz instrumental audition consists of the following:
    • Prepare a solo piece including playing the melody and at least 3 improvised choruses of a jazz standard (any style)
    • Be prepared to play at least two blues heads and improvise on the changes
    • Be prepared to play the melody to one jazz standard ballad and improvise at least one chorus
    • Be prepared to play the melody to one medium swing tempo jazz standard of your choosing and improvise at least one chorus
    • Be prepared to play the melody to the jazz standard "All The Things You Are" and improvise at least one chorus
    • Be prepared to play the melody to the jazz standard "Oleo" and improvise at least one chorus
  • Jazz Drumset auditions consist of the applicant being able to demonstrate their ability to play in the following musical styles:
    • 4/4 swing at a variety of tempos
    • Funk and rock styles at a variety of tempos
    • Samba and bossa nova
    • Mambo
    • Afro-Cuban 6/8
    • Additional skills assessed during the Jazz Drumset audition:
      • Brush technique
      • Waltz and odd meter performance
      • Repertoire knowledge
      • The prospective student should be prepared to discuss previous performance experience, teachers, and method books used in study.
      • If available, the prospective student will have an opportunity to demonstrate the above skills in a performance situation with either a large or small jazz ensemble.
  • Arranger/composer applicants must complete additional requirements that consist of:
    • Show a portfolio of your arrangements/compositions at your audition as well as recordings of those works
    • Demonstrate the ability to harmonize a lead-line using 4-part closed position voicings and 4-way drop-two voicings
    • Demonstrate a working knowledge of transpositions and ranges of instruments found in a contemporary jazz setting

Evaluation Criteria:
Graduate candidates applying to the School of Music will be evaluated on the following:

  • The Supplemental Music Application (Only Performance, Jazz Studies, Conducting, Vocal Accompanying, and Master of Music Education with Certification candidates need to complete this form)
  • The Supporting Materials (see specific specialization for more details)
  • Audition on primary instrument and/or in voice
  • The Letters of Reference
  • Review of Academic Profile

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