Music Education and Piano Pedagogy
Few enterprises are more important than passing along our culture to the youth of tomorrow. It would be nice to think that all happens naturally, but there’s a science as well as an art to fine teaching. Both practical and systematic, pedagogy teaches you to teach others, helping you preserve the best of what our society can offer the next generations. In today’s rapidly changing world, the science behind music education includes not only a wealth of methods but also up-to-date technologies that speak to computer-raised youngsters and enhance their—and your—learning experiences. There’s good literature and bad, and our faculty can acquaint you with the best and help you discern what isn’t so useful. They share insights, based on years and sometimes decades of teaching and research, to give you quick links to effective teaching methods. More important, they bring perspective to your study of teaching philosophies, appropriate sequencing, and solid curriculums. They’re supports and models for forging a lifelong commitment to your own continuing education.

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