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School Mission

The mission of the School of Music is to advance the art of music and its related disciplines. It seeks to educate students in the various fields of the profession and to promote an understanding of music on the campus and in the larger community. The School endeavors to preserve diverse repetories and cultural traditions while also creating opportunities for artistic, intellectual, technological, and scholarly innovation in the realm of music. The School is dedicated to excellence in research, performance, composition, and teacher education, undertaken in a spirit of collaboration among its own constituents, as well as with those of the College of Fine and Applied Arts and the University at large.


Through undergraduate and graduate programs the UIUC School of Music provides comprehensive resources to develop yourself and your career. Its excellent faculty, diverse courses, world-class library, fine facilities, and exciting musical life offer every advantage you need for serious musical studies. One of the greatest U.S. universities, UIUC is strong not only in music but also in major disciplines across the campus. Situated in the country's heartland, the school is close to major cities but in a smaller community where it is easy to get around, live on a budget, and focus on studies and performance. A broadly international student body complements the many students from Illinois and the Midwest, adding a sophistication that goes beyond books and studios and creating opportunities for meeting people from many cultures. Through the office of Career Services in the College of Fine and Applied Arts, you can get practical advice to help you gain a professional foothold. The concert calendar is full, and the School's performances are supplemented by the best among international visiting artists, many of whom give master classes while on campus. In short, at UIUC you will find a balance fine-tuned to create an ideal learning environment.

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