What greater self-expression than raising voices to the rafters in a community of song? With five of the country’s leading choral directors as faculty, the choral program fills two missions: leading performances and training the next generation of conductors. In repertoire of Schütz to Stravinsky, Porter to Sondheim, and Gregorian Chant to Gospel, UIUC offers more than glorious singing. Its top-notch faculty provides the first-rate instruction and scholarship that produces choral leaders. Choral students also benefit from the excellent studio training offered by the UIUC voice faculty, courses in instrumental conducting, enormous library resources and archives, and solid training in music theory and musicology. We had the nation’s first doctoral program in choral music, and consider our choral director graduates so important that we invited one of them, David Brunner (DMA ’89), as graduation speaker in 2002. Come add your voice and develop your singing, musicianship, conducting, and esprit; then go on from here to lead others in professional, community, or church choirs, black and swing choruses, contemporary music, public schools, or your own university choir.

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