2024 Supplemental Music Application

  • All applicants must complete this application.
  • All applicants must also apply to the University.
  • Note: When complete, be sure to press SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.

* Indicates a required field.

 Part 1: Personal Information
Gender   Male  Female  
First Name  
Last Name  
Date of Birth   (use mm/dd/yyyy)
Primary phone  
Social Security Number   Social Security Number Disclosure
 Current Address Information
Address Cont.  
Country:   USA
Postal Code:  
 Academic Information
School / College Currently Attending  
Cumulative GPA  
ACT/SAT Score   (Undergraduate Applicants Only)
TOEFL Score   (International Applicants Only)
Term of Entry    Semester: Spring Fall Summer     Year: 2023 2024
Entry Level   Freshman Transfer Graduate
Bachelor of Arts in Music
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Music Education
Master of Music
Master of Music Education
Master of Music Education with Certification
Doctor of Music Arts
Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Education
 Undergraduate Applicants Only
Field of Specialization  
Area of Emphasis   (Open Studies and BA in Music applicants only)
 Graduate Applicants Only
Field of Specialization  
 Part 2: Background Information
Previous Applications   Have you applied to the University?

Yes  No  

If yes, did you indicate your major to be a degree in music?

Yes  No   

If no, please indicate the program to which you did apply and why.

Briefly explain your career/professional goals.
Why did you choose to apply to the University of Illinois School of Music (i.e., faculty, teacher recommendations, etc.)?
Please list Honors and Awards you have received. Enter none if this is not applicable.
Please list the names and relationships (i.e. music teacher, private teacher, etc.) to you of those submitting recommendation letters on your behalf.
Note: Letters of Recommendation (Graduate applicants must submit at least three; undergraduate applicants must submit at least one).
 Part 3: Music and Audition Section
Note: This Part is to be completed by all Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Education applicants and graduate applicants who are applying to performance, piano pedagogy, jazz studies, conducting, or the Master of Music Education with Certification. Applicants applying to other areas should skip to the bottom of the page to submit this application.
Primary instrument (please be specific):
Select Instrument     Years of Study:
Secondary instrument (please be specific):
 Note: select secondary instrument only if you wish to audition in a secondary area
Select Instrument     Years of Study:
Preferred U of I applied faculty member, if known
Faculty Member Name  
Number of Years of Keyboard Experience (leave empty if none)  
List the Group Name and Director’s Name of ensembles with which you have or were a member. Please also include the chair or part held. Enter none if you are not currently participating in any ensembles.
Please list the solo literature, arias, opera/musical roles, etudes, and excerpts you have studied in the past two years. Include jazz where applicable. You may submit a complete repetoire list by mail.
 Audition Dates

* Please select up to three of the following dates, ranking them in order of preference. Graduate conducting applicants who are invited to campus will be assigned an audition date based on the preferences given below.
 I cannot attend a live audition; please contact me to schedule an alternate date.
 I will submit a CD / Tape in lieu of a live audition.

An audition date will be scheduled for you when the School of Music can confirm receipt of your application to the University. Confirmation letters will be mailed no later than three weeks prior to your scheduled audition data. Every attempt will be made to confirm your audition date as early as possible. All undergraduate music education, music histor, and music composition-theory majors will also be scheduled an interview on the audition day.
 Part 4: Undergraduate Music Education Applicants Only
Describe your musical teaching and/or leadership experiences (including things such as section leader, drum major, teaching lessons, student conductor).
Describe any other teaching or work with children (including things such as summer camp counselor, day care, babysitting, church experiences).
Why have you chosen Music Education as a career? (use additional paper if you need more room).
What level would you like to teach?
    Elementary Middle School High School Combination
What individual(s) have been a major influence on your decision to become a music educator? Why?

I understand that withholding pertinent information requested on this application or giving false information will make me ineligible for admission to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, subject to cancellation of registration if admission has occurred, or dismissal if already enrolled. I certify that the statements on this application are correct and complete.

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