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Nathan Gunn

Nathan wanted a site that was feature rich, always up-to-date, and represented his image and talents. Working closely with John Bonadies a site design emerged which was then given to GlennWeb.net for implementation. We templated the design using PHP/CSS/Savant and integrated it with a custom CMS that supports site features specially geared toward musicians. These features include a Performance/Appearance Calendar which can be kept up to date by Nathan or his booking agent, Journal (blog) entries, a Photo Gallery, News items, Albums/Tracks/Media which are integrated throughout the site, editable Page Content, and external Site links. All of these features are easily managed from anywhere through the custom browser-based CMS.

Technical Info

  • Apache on Linux
  • PHP
  • MySql
  • Custom CMS
  • Custom Database
  • Designer: John Bonadies