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Blackwing Quality Meats

Blackwing was looking for a new eCommerce store that featured a wide range of shopping options, robust transactions, special shipping calculations, and a custom back-end to support their in-house shipping operation. Together with Rush Technologies we designed a robust store that has grown into a very successful eCommerce store. Over time the store has added features including:

  • Special shipping calculations to minimize customer shipping costs
  • Tagging system to support Recipes and Compliments & Seasonings
  • Newsletter feature with definable customer selection (repeat, one-time, etc)
  • Customer accounts (track orders, re-order, etc.)
  • Retail and Wholesale pricing (customer account dependant)
  • Affiliates Program with affiliate accounts and reporting
  • Special Prescription Food affiliate accounts
  • Product Specials and Discounts
  • Customizable Campaigns and Reports for marketing efforts
  • FAQs and Testimonials
  • Custom eCommerce store front-end
  • Custom eCommerce store back-end
  • Full Order processing within back-end system (pending queue, shipped, canceled, invoice printing, etc.)
  • Wide selection of custom reports

Technical Info

  • Apache on Linux
  • PHP
  • MySql
  • Yawp/Savant
  • Custom CMS
  • Custom ECommerce Backend
  • Designer: David Glenn